looking for an editor/guinea pig

so i plan to try and translate Step ~our relationship, step by step~ but first i need someone to actually tell me if my patch WORKS, and then tell me if it makes any sense/if bits should be changed or what. a basic understanding of japanese is preferable, but not necessary. a good grasp on english is, however!!

so basically, you have to:

  • have a firm understanding of english grammar, etc
  • be willing to work with me for a long period of time (probably a few months, maybe less)
  • be interested in Step
  • be 18+ (for legal reasons etc)

if you meet these requirements, please apply!



tumblr now

yeah, i got a tumblr for my translation stuff!

basically, it’s there for my smaller posts. asking opinions (like my last post), screenshots, giving progress updates, helping people out, etc. my ask box is open there, so if you have any questions you’d like to ask me, go ahead! (it doesn’t even have to be about translation, if you wanna pal around w/ me!)


this blog will still be used for bigger stuff, like updates, projects, the like. come on over!

some help needed

so i’ve decided to try translating the demo of this one game, and after i had p much all of the text in place, it ended up looking like this.

yeesh, that spacing…

does anyone know how i can replace the font? it’s a rejet game.

(to anyone concerned–my main project is still underway, it’s just going to take way longer than i thought, given that when i reset my computer, all my files were lost…)

games i’m helping translate on VNR

thought i might as well make a list here

  • dotkare I
  • gakuen tokkyuu hotokenser!! (i would be doing a hard translation, but the script files are protected)
  • maybe AnKnA
  • in the manor of earl
  • hibikino, but i’ll also do a hard translation

i’m playing dotkare at this very moment,and subtitles are being added as we speak! ♡

if you’re interested in reading community subtitles for otome games, check out sakimichi’s tutorial on VNR here. of course, you still need the games in question, but this tool is way better than the average text hooker!

amnesia hackable too!


tadah!! this one’s a bit harder. it requires hex editing, meaning i can’t just go and make text as long as i want. every sentence has to be p much the same amount of bytes. that might not be true, but i’m p new to this, so that’s how i’m doing it.


a problem, though: some of the text looks super gross. i’m gonna look into table editors. maybe a new font is possible? hmm. anyway, translating otomate games–or at least this one!–is possible. more news as i find more stuff out.

fun fact: yesterday was actually my first day of psp hacking ever, so if you have any resources that can help, please tell me!

well, this is awkward…

after i asked for proofreaders last time, not a single person out of those i mailed the demo to messaged me back. it’s 2014 now… guess i’ll just get back to work?

here’s a new question, though: how should i do it?

if you’ve heard of visual novel reader, it’s a sort of cloud-based community subtitling visual novel helper. instead of hacking and patching the game, i could start annotating the dialogue sets with VNR and let everyone read them there while i do it. that way, people could keep playing while i translate–and help me too, hopefully!

which method would you prefer? please comment! ♡