so the secret project i was talking about on my tumblr is finally done! it’s called ‘ki ni naru otoko no ko?’–‘The Boy I Like?’–by 1010!

in this game, you play as Shizuki MofuKo (last name first) on her quest to get to know the man she loves. ( ˘ ³˘)♥ you can choose from 3 different types–manly, mysterious, or sexy–so there’s someone for everyone!

this game is recommended for ages 13+, and is best played free of any spoilers. what i will say is this: if you’re looking for a nice, normal heart-warming story, maybe you should look somewhere else. the main genre of this game is definitely comedy.

download and instructions under the cut!

  1. get the game
    this is a little tricky. i was granted permission to make an english patch of this game as long as i had people download the game from the original website. so, please, PLEASE don’t host this game anywhere! it’s free anyway!go to the website:
    click ‘game’
    click on this one
    scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the heart to start your download!
  2. get the interpreter
    download the version that matches your OS!
  3. get the patch
    NOTE: PLEASE DON’T UPLOAD THIS ANYWHERE! IT’S FREE HERE! just link to this site! i don’t have a real job, so the revenue from the ads is the only way i get paid so i can keep doing this!
    here is the patch!
  4. put them all in the same folder
    unzip the game. you’ll get a folder. then extract the files from other archives, putting everything into the folder the game gave you. the patch should overwrite 2 files. your final result should look like this (on windows):

to play the game, run onscripter-en instead of the original game. PLEASE NOTE: UPLOADING OR STREAMING RECORDINGS OF THIS GAME IS PROHIBITED BY THE CREATOR. if i see any let’s plays on youtube, i will have to ask you to take them down! sorry! (´;ω;`)

i hope you enjoy the game as much as i did! i would love to hear what you all think! (人´∀`*)


69 thoughts on “The Boy I Like? ENGLISH PATCH

  1. thanks for the patch 🙂 lol i played the game and pretty sure I got all the endings.. im so confused lol. It’s a weird game, it’s sorta funny, but weird haha 😛

    but wow, you’re good at this patching stuff! We need more hackers in the otome game community, and you’re really talented ^_^

  2. Hello! I just installed this game and following your steps, but when I clicked the onscripter-en, it still with japanese language. What should I do?

    • extract all the archives (starting with the one from step one), then put them together so they look like the picture above, letting the files in the patch archive overwrite the ones from the game

  3. Hello, I tried to install this game on my mac but it doesn’t seem to work as I can’t extract a file in the game folder (.exe) and one file in the the boy i like patch ( it says error during the decrunching) with unarchiver.
    Should I try on windows ?
    Even if i can’t play the game right thank you for the translation ^^

      • Uhm, sorry, actually, my post was way longer, I dunno what happened. ô.o Sorry!!>.<
        ..Anyhow, is the patch supposed to be a single file?ô.o Because there's just a .rar file in the download, no default.ttf file. ô.o What did you mean w/ "the patch overwrites/makes 2 new files"? How am I going to overwrite files? (and which ones do I have o overwrite, actually?) Well, I did the following:
        1.Unzipped the Game folder.
        2.Unzipped the Onscripter folder.
        3.Put the files from onscripter + the patch in the Game's folder.
        4.Ran Onscripter.
        …And the things it says is either "no gamescripter found" or "no default.ttf" <.<

  4. My Os is 64 bits and there’s only for windows 32 bits. If I download that, it will still work for me? (sorry my bad english). This is for the OnScripter.

  5. hi . this is the first time to play an otome game and i found out that your game is interesting but im having a trouble to download your patch , it always stops in 1 MB . what should I do ?

  6. i dont get it the game is still japanese did i do something wrong can someone please help me i only have 10 things in the folder did i forget to download something please help me !! thanks!

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