some help needed

so i’ve decided to try translating the demo of this one game, and after i had p much all of the text in place, it ended up looking like this.

yeesh, that spacing…

does anyone know how i can replace the font? it’s a rejet game.

(to anyone concerned–my main project is still underway, it’s just going to take way longer than i thought, given that when i reset my computer, all my files were lost…)


3 thoughts on “some help needed

  1. wish i could help. but i don’t know if you know about this group they did a patch for starry sky and now doing ken ga kimi and a different rejet game maybe they could help you (has no idea if they reply to mail or not but). though as a person who need translation to play a game even though its a little funky ( almost didn’t notice at first* its still pretty good to me but i may just be easy to please and seen worse.

    • thank you very much! though it’s not that big a deal that it doesn’t look good, since it’s all spaced out, it also means less room for english letters… but i’m contacting that person right now! thank you for the tip! (*´▽`*)

      • ah ya that would make it harder to fit English words in then. well i hope she/they could help you ^^. alice= alice was in my tops games of wanting to play some day since i like dailovers and been also wanting to play black wolf but it keeps getting dropped T.T

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